My Philosophy

Here’s My Philosophy…
About the work I do.

I believe in what I’m doing.

I want to do work that is COOL. I use the word cool because that is all it can be—it’s not cool for cool’s sake, it’s not always trying to be cool…especially in front of clients…it just is cool because the work is so good, the people are so good, and the clients are so good, that all you can say about it, is that it’s cool.

I want to bring great branding and advertising to clients who think that is something that they can’t have. Many smaller businesses (local or otherwise) never consider working with professionals because they think it’s not for them, or that they can’t afford it, or any number of other false barriers they have invented. Maybe they believe they can do it on their own?

I want to change their attitude and help them grow their businesses. In the process I want to work for, or create a company and environment that makes the best people want to come work there, and I want them to feel like they will never leave because they have it too good…they’ll have great projects, great bosses, a great environment, and great clients to work with.

How I View Pricing/Billing

Unlike other agency professionals, I don’t believe the commodity I sell is time—I sell ideas and results. I believe the traditional ways agencies charge works against the best interests of both the agency and their clients. Hours and timesheets are focused on efficiency, and I don’t believe clients are buying efficiency—they’re buying effectiveness.

Because I don’t bill by the hour, I don’t have hourly rates. I don’t even have timesheets! Timesheets only serve to point us in the wrong direction. I trade the time that would have otherwise been spent on tracking our internal costs and instead invest it in tracking the external results I will create for your brand.

I realize this is quite different from the way most clients are used to working with agencies. But, I believe that agencies and clients need a new and different way of working together—one that aligns the economic interests of both organizations.

Final Thoughts

Imagine you have a condition that requires surgery. Would you rather have an efficient surgeon or an effective one? It’s effectiveness—not efficiency—that creates value because people can be extremely efficient doing the wrong things.

The value-based relationship focuses on effectiveness rather than efficiency. A business does not exist to be efficient; it exists to create wealth outside of itself. An obsessive compulsion to increase efficiency (doing things right) reduces one’s effectiveness at doing the right things. The relentless pursuit of efficiency can hinder both client and agency and keep them from focusing on the things that truly matter most.

Effectiveness means that imprecise measurements of the right things are infinitely more valuable than precise measurements of the wrong things. I believe it is more important to be approximately right rather than precisely wrong.

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