This is exactly the kind of marketing maverick I want to work with.

Let me tell you why…American Giant is the maker of the internet’s favorite hoodie. Do they stop there? No, they don’t.

American Giant is not happy with being comfortable. Need proof? Watch the video below. I’m not happy being comfortable. I want to push marketing and brands beyond their current boundaries and make a difference in companies for the better. I know that if I keep doing the same things I’m doing, I’m going to keep getting the same results. If I want to make a change, improve things, I need to go for it. More importantly I know that brands need to do that very same thing. It’s uncomfortable and it’s hard, but if it were easy everyone would do it.

Are you a maverick who is willing to take a risk and do something different? We can talk about it over coffee or maybe even a few beers—your choice. Maybe we’ll find common ground…maybe we’ll come up with a different way to market your business or product…either way, we’ll have a good conversation and I know something good will come of it.