OK, this is a little tough for me to admit but I’m going to lay it out there just the same. In my circle of close friends and family, most of them have no idea what I do.

Huh? Yeah, that’s right.

The people closest to me have no idea what it is I do for a living. There I said it. This is a very tough thing to admit for a guy who owns an advertising agency—I’m supposed to be the one that’s good at getting the word out. The problem is that I evolved into an advertising guy over time. Yes, it is what I focused on in college and my whole career but I have been narrowly focused on the internet over a lot of that time and more specifically on the technology itself. So while my clients are familiar with me and how it is I help them, if you ask my friends and family what I do they will probely say, “He does something with computers,” or “He builds websites.”

You see, they think of me as a “computer guy,” a “geek,” even some former work colleagues have me pigeonholed as a “developer.” Well, they’re right, and at the same time they couldn’t be more wrong.

So please let me introduce myself . . .

My name is Joe Fino. I help entrepreneurs, businesses owners, and marketing departments overcome business challenges. I do this by giving them the knowledge they need to help transform their businesses by attracting more customers, improving their brand image, and increasing profits.

Now that we have the formal introductions out of the way let me break it down for you in simple terms. If you have anything to do with promoting a product, service, or idea, I can help you do that. There are many ways we can work together. I can help you improve your Branding, put together a Marketing Plan, build your Social Media presence, introduce you to SMS Text Message Marketing tools, develop an SEO/SEM campaign, and yes, I can even design and build you a website. Of course that’s not all we do here at I/O. We offer all kinds of Marketing Communication services that you can see listed right on our home page.

I hope that helps to clear things up. So friends, colleagues, clients, or anyone else that is interested, if you need help with your marketing efforts I’m here for you. If you don’t need any help (because we did a great job working together already) but you know someone who does, I love referrals! Send them my way. Or, if you just want to catch up over some coffee or beers. . .let me know.