So I have one of these magical new devices called an iPad. And, recently I’ve been complaining to myself and anyone else around that I really need to get to the blog and start posting more about the work I’ve been doing. Recently I’ve worked on a few killer websites but have been so busy stuck in production that I’ve used it as an excuse to not get to the blog. So, enter this new device into my life. . .the perfect excuse to get to the blog. If I have time to mess around with this thing i have time to blog, right?

I’ve decided that a good way to accomplish both tasks is to use the iPad to enter my new blog posts. Right now I’m just sitting here at the kitchen table getting ready for the usual family activities that happen on Easter, and I’m able to blog to my hearts content.

In the past this blog has been a mosh of so tech, some opinion and some personal thoughts and it will continue to be. However, moving forward I promise to be better with tags and categories to help sort all of the content. I also suspect that I will soon be working on a new design to reflect this new direction.

Well I better get on with preparing for the day. We’ll be running to my sister-in-law’s for brunch then off to see my family later at my aunt’s.