My time at Planit has come to end and I appreciate all that it has afforded me, but after careful consideration, I have decided to accept a new and exciting opportunity at Crosby Marketing. I wish all the best for Planit and much continued success in the future.

I hate goodbyes and I never know what to say — it’s not a situation I deal with very well, so it wasn’t easy for me to leave. As I departed from the orange hallways of Planit I took some time to reflect on my time there. I’ve learned a lot and had some great experiences over the past couple of years. I had the opportunity to work with some great clients and awesome employees.

Planit is filled with a lot of special people — especially the interactive team. Yes, special. Not special in the same way all of the kids who ride the short bus are special . . . well maybe some of them are. Anyway, I think they’re special in a way that makes them uniquely talented. It has been my pleasure to lead that team. I know that none of them are afraid to take chances and I hope that they continue to push the limits of their creativity and make everyone sit up and take notice.

Stay tuned for more about my new position at Crosby. I start on Cinco de Mayo. Arriba!