Full-color touch screen
To give you one-touch access to your entertainment, Logitech designed the Harmony One remote with a 2.2-inch touch-screen interface. The Harmony One remote’s touch-screen design is seamlessly integrated into the hardware. Once you choose the activity you want, the Harmony One remote’s hard buttons are enabled with all the relevant functionality. And, because the touch screen is built with innovative technology, the touch screen is more responsive and more durable than other touch-screen technologies.

The remote’s button layout organizes buttons into four zones. Each button is sculpted for tactile recognition; the backlighted buttons combine three attributes: button height, shape and texture. This design allows your fingers to navigate the remote control without having to look down — even in the dark. The result lets you spend more time watching entertainment, and less time looking at the remote control.

Replacing alkaline batteries every few months isn’t necessary with the Harmony One. The included recharging station helps ensure the unit is always powered up, and easy to find.